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Do I need a referral to be seen by Dr. Patel?

Referral: a request from a healthcare professional or school nurse that a child see Dr. Patel for an eye examination based on symptoms or testing

Eye Emergencies: If you have an eye emergency, go to the nearest emergency room for evaluation. Dr. Patel may be contacted by the ER once the problem is stabilized, for evaluation or followup in clinic.

Most Insurances: You may wish to speak to your pediatrician about your concerns, as some straightforward eye problems can be tested for and managed by your child's primary care provider. This also allows the pediatrician to decide if a more concerning problem could be present. Your pediatrician may refer you to Dr. Patel for an urgent exam if they feel it's necessary. Otherwise, you may call Dr. Patel's office directly to schedule an appointment - whether it's to see Dr. Patel for the first time, get a second opinion, or reestablish care with Dr. Patel in her new office home.

Medicaid Patients: Medicaid requires that a referral is made to Dr. Patel from the primary care doctor listed on your Medicaid card. You may obtain a referral by discussing your concerns with the doctor at your child's next appointment, or by calling their office. They may need to see you in their clinic before making the referral, depending on the type of problem and whether your child has been seen recently in their clinic. Please note that if you arrive for your child's appointment and the primary care provider listed on the Medicaid card has not made a referral to Dr. Patel, you will be responsible for the full cost of the examination. Medicaid will not reimburse Dr. Patel or yourself for the expenses.

**We do not accept vision plans. Please call your insurance company, or call our office to determine what your financial responsibility for your visit might include.**

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